Help kitchen

As part of our Help Kitchen activities (troubleshooting) around your cooking problem, we will send you an outside speaker who is a real kitchen conductor, the chef-trainer who coordinates, directs and supervises the entire kitchen activity of your kitchen or production unit. (Buffets for hotels) for the duration of a fixed-term assignment as a self-employed person or an employee.
In close collaboration with the management and / or the manager of accommodation and catering activities, he defines, implements and supervises culinary production (menu development, preparation and preparation of dishes or buffets, product orders, etc.) according to hygiene and food safety standards, educational constraints and budgetary imperatives.

Main activities :


  • Organize the supply and the orders in a concern of budgetary control and respect of the food premium.
  • Coordinate the work of culinary production teams.
  • Ensure cohesion between the kitchen department and your management team.
  • Creation of an offer of menus, cards, buffets, suggestions according to the target audience.
  • Ensure culinary production.
  • Analyze and follow the budget.
  • Supervise the kitchen staff in collaboration with your management team.
  • Manage stocks and inventories.
  • Control compliance with hygiene rules and the health control plan Control the maintenance of the equipment.
  • Control the maintenance of the kitchen and its facilities.
  • Develop a creative cuisine that takes into account changing tastes, trends, seasons and costs.
  • Establishment of a kitchen manager and the “know-how” and “know-how to do” of the kitchen team.
  • Autonomous in the organization and execution of my work.
  • Sense of responsibility, customer relations and team spirit
  • Set up and apply advocacy rules in the fight against waste.
  • Implementation and verification of conservation, packaging and assembly rules for products.